2024 Hong Kong Schools Public Speaking Festival 香港學界演講節 – 初賽 (上載視頻)


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The competition serves as a vital platform for Hong Kong’s youth, enabling them to hone their language abilities in PutonghuaCantonese, and English. Through participation, students not only enhance their linguistic skills but also develop their public speaking prowess. This unique opportunity allows them to express themselves, thrive, and engage with peers from diverse schools.  By organizing these contests and fostering language-related endeavors, our central objective is to shape young individuals into future leaders, instilling in them qualities of integrity, resilience, and the capacity to surmount obstacles.


Group 組別Language 語言Title 題目Time Limit 時限
幼稚園低班 K1EnglishSelf Introduction45 seconds
幼稚園中班 K1粵語自我介紹45秒
幼稚園低班 K1普通話自我介紹45秒
幼稚園中班 K2EnglishStory Telling1 minute 30 seconds
幼稚園中班 K2粵語說故事 (自選)1分30秒
幼稚園中班 K2普通話說故事 (自選)1分30秒
幼稚園低班 K3EnglishThe BookI Can't Get Enough of1 minute 30 seconds
幼稚園低班 K3粵語令我著迷的一本書1分30秒
幼稚園低班 K3普通話令我著迷的一本書1分30秒
Junior Primary (P1-3) EnglishA Memorable Event2 minutes
初小組(小一 - 三)粵語值得銘記的一件事2分鐘
初小組(小一 - 三)普通話值得銘記的一件事2分鐘
Senior Primary (P4-6) EnglishReflections on a Chinese Heritage2 minutes
高小組 (小四 - 六)粵語一種中華傳承的反思2分鐘
高小組 (小四 - 六)普通話一種中華傳承的反思2分鐘
Junior Secondary (S1-3)EnglishFear Not, Be a Fearless Dreamer2 minutes
初中組 (中一 - 三)粵語勇往直前,追尋夢想2分鐘
初中組 (中一 - 三)普通話勇往直前,追尋夢想2分鐘
Senior Secondary (S4-6)EnglishSifting Truth from Noise in the Digital Universe3 minutes
高中組 (中四 - 六)粵語從數字噪聲中尋找真相3分鐘
高中組 (中四 - 六)普通話從數字噪聲中尋找真相3分鐘


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English 英文, 普通話, 粵語

20240519 Categories

K1, K2, K3, P1-3, P4-6, S1-3, S4-6

Event Details

Date: April 30, 2024

Start time: 10:00 HKT

End time: 18:00 HKT

Venue: Video Submission 上載視頻

Phone: +852 9510 0500

Email: admin@shine-onstage.com

1 Participants must provide complete and accurate information. The organizing committee reserves the right to disqualify any violators, and fees paid will not be refunded.


2 After registration, requests to change competition categories or events must be approved by the committee and require an administrative fee of $80.

報名後要求更改比賽組別、項目,須得大會同意並繳付行政費用$80 。

3 Once registered, participants or parents signify that they have read and agree to abide by the competition rules and arrangements set by the organizing committee.


4 Any modifications to competition rules, schedules, or award settings will not be separately notified. The committee retains the final decision-making authority.


5 The awards determined by the adjudicators serve as the ultimate reference, and no objections will be entertained.


6 Speeches must be completed within the specified time limit.


7 Participants must arrive on time to avoid missing their performance order, which could impact emotions, performance, and results.


8 If young children experience stage fright, adjudicators will handle it on a case-by-case basis, and there is no guarantee of a makeup opportunity.


9 During the competition, please maintain silence and refrain from disturbing or directly communicating with the judges.


10 Friends, family, and teachers in the audience must adhere to the committee’s arrangements and maintain order to avoid affecting participants’ performances.


11 Due to venue capacity limits, each participant may be accompanied by only one parent.


12 Adjudicators may adjust awards based on the number of participants in each category and evaluate rankings according to skill levels. Only one champion will be designated.